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Karnnabharam (The anguish of Karnna)

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Karnnabharam (The anguish of Karnna)

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Collaboration, the base of creation'

Anna Salas







SEARCHING FOR CREATIVITY: Italian drama director Andriya Kusomano speaking at a 'Social, political, cultural and aesthetics surroundings of Collaborative Theatre' yesterday at the Regional Theatre. Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi chairman TM Abraham, theatre actor K Kaladharan and Prof Chandradasan participated.

"Collaboration is the base of creation," tells Andriya Kusumano from Italy. The concept means so much to the director, stenographer, performer, painter and installation artist all-rolled-into-one theatre activist.

So, collaborative creation is what in US called devised theatre. It is a form of theatre in which the script is developed not by a writer or writers, but originated from collaborative, usually improvisatory, work by a group of people.

However, the work is developed not necessarily through the performers, but usually it could be so. This form could be easily connected to the street theatre.

Surprisingly, it is not always distinguishable from improvisational theatre, but by the time a devised piece presents itself to the public, it usually has a fixed form.

The improvisation is confined to the creation process, and either writer, director or the performers themselves, will have decided exactly what is to be included and the running sequence.

"Collaboration turns on the expression of the natural emotions and also it helps bring in a complete change in the social and political field in the West" he added.

The renowned director and vice chairman of the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi TM Abraham explained the drawbacks of the collaborative theatre.

"The politics of funding helps escape from the real daily life and the collaborative creation is trying to ruin the language and the writing process," he observed.

The seminar discussed the subject 'The perception of scientific, cultural, political and aesthetic view of the collaborative theatre'.

Andriya Kusumano presented the Western view of the theatre art, especially in the collaborative theatre.

The seminar was conducted at the Regional Theatre as part of the 4th International Theatre festival of Kerala yesterday.

Collaboration is the theatre of the future and it is trying to find a venue in Malayalam theatre, actor K Kaladharan said.

The Lokadharmi Theatre Group and Mazhavillu, a children theatre group, founder Prof Chandradasan made the introduction speech at the seminar.

In the morning session, a talk show with Rajasthan Institute of Folklore secretary Kuldeep Kothari, and in the evening session musical programme were held.

Courtesy –City Journal 03 February 2012