Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kaali Naadakam at Bahuroopi Fest Mysore and Shimoga

Kaali Nadakam in invited to the Bahurupi National Theatre Festival by Rangayana my sore held in January and also to the Rangayana Festival at Shimoga. The play is performed on Jan 17 at Vanaranga Mysore and on 18th at Rangayama Theatre Shimoga.
These were the 14th and 15th shows of Kaali Naadakam
This is the 326th show of the play.
The artists travelling to Mysore and Shimoga to perform the play are Sajitha Matathil, Zumesh Chittooran, VR Selvaraj, Jayachandran Thakazhikkaran, Gopan mangadu, Sudhi Panoor, Aji Thiruvankulam, Anugraha Paul, Chathuri Mohan, Manoj Bhanu, Nazarudheen Valiyaveettil, Vishnu K Nair, Priya Sreejith, Sajeev Roy, Kalamandalam Sarath V, Akhila Nath, Kalamandalam Vaisakh, Antoney Peter, Jolly Antony, Sreejit P, Shobha Menon, Shaji Joseph, and Chandradasan
The review of the play in Times of India is attached below
‘Kali Natakam’ is a blend of realism and mythology
Times News Network | Jan 18, 2018, 05:30 IST
Mysuru: 'Kali Natakam', a play staged by Lokadharmi of Kochi on Wednesday raised contemporary issues such as rape, women empowerment and caste discrimination.
With layers of mythology and realism, 'Kali Natakam' mesmerized the audience at the Vanaranga of Rangayana.
Based on folk stories of goddess Kali and demon Darika, the play featured issues haunting the society.
Director of the play Chandradasan told TOI, "It is our second visit to Bahuroopi. In the year 2012, we had staged a play 'Karnabharanam' at Vanaranga. Mysuru has always given a great response to our plays. It is interesting and challenging to stage plays here. Bahuroopi received positive audience. Unlike other theatre festivals, Bahuroopi in Mysuru is well organised. Even though different activities are held on the premises, they make sure the programmes don't coincide. It is a great privilege to be a part of this theatre festival."
The play is written by Sajitha Madattil, who happened to play the protagonist of 'Kali Natakam'. Over 18 artistes staged the hour-long play.
"Women empowerment is the major concern of the play. It raises question as to what is the definition of women empowerment and what women are supposed to do once they are empowered. 'Kali Natakam' is trying to understand realism with the help of mythological characters," Chandradasan added.
With a touch of Mudiyettu, Theyyam and Kaliyattam, traditional art forms of Kerala, 'Kali Natakam' comes out as a complete package.
- Akshatha J


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