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National School of Drama Sanskar Rang Toli Presents "Jashnebachpan"- the National Theatre Festival for Children.


The national Children's theatre festival will be organised by NSD from November 2 to November 2014 at New Delhi. 25 different plays from different parts of India in different genres including adaptation of children's plays, performances based on new scripts, texts developed from  folk tales and short stories from Tagore to Ronald Dahl, solo performance, mime, puppetry, performance by special children and socially deprived kids, performance for children by adults, etc are included in this years fest.

2 Nov. 2014 Sunday

Inaugural Ceremony: at 6 pm followed by a performance.

3rd November:Monday

5:00 pm: At Bahumukh -SAKAL DESHER SERA (Bengali) Dir. Joy Sankar Bhattacharjee Group: Patabhumi, Agartala, Tripura Duration: 48 mins.

6:00 pm: At Abhimanch JAMES AUR EK GAINT PEACH (Hindi & English) Dir. Gagan Dev Riar Group: Rangbaaz, Maharashtra Duration: 1 Hr. 40 mins.

james and Adapted By: Saurabh Nayyar and Gagan Dev Riar /Writer: Roald Dahl

James Henry Trotter`s Parents Were Eaten Up By A Rhinoceros, Because Of Which He Lives With His Two Repulsive Aunts. One Hot Day, Something Peculiar Happens And An Enormous Peach Grows In Their Garden. Soon, James And The Giant Peach Are Rolling Away From His Horrible Aunts, Towards A Marvellous And Wonderful Place.

4th November:Tuesday

3:30 pm: At Bahumukh JI AAYA SAHAB (Hindi) Dir. Chakresh Kumar Group: Alankar Theatre, Chandigarh, Duration: 1 Hr. 10 mins.

Writer: Sahadat Hasan Manto

ji aaya sab The play on child labour depicts the story of a 10 year child 'Kasim' who works at the home of inspector and because of work load he doesn't get the time to take rest. One day his finger cuts from knife and because of that wound he gets two days' rest. Now whenever the workload exceeds he searches some sharp thing to cut his finger to get rest. But one day he cuts his finger deeply to get long days' rest, but he loses the job even his hand.

5:00 pm: At Abhimanch REKKE KATTUVIRA...? (Will you add rekke kattuvira wings…?) (Kannada) Dir. Dr. Sripad Bhat Group: Chinnari, Karnataka Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Written by B.Suresh


6:30 pm At NSD Open Lawn RATNA PAKSI (Kannada) Dir. Mandya Ramesh Group: Natana Mysore, Karnataka Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Playwright: Kotaganahalli Ramaiahratna pakshi

5th November:Wednesday

5:00 pm: At Bahumukh KALAKAR KI KHOJ (Hindi) Dir. Goutam Gope Group: Kaladham, Jharkhand Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Kaldham is a group which mostly works with destitute children and troubled kids, school drop outs, and fights against social evils using theatre as a medium. They produce plays and street performances, mostly utilising Chau and other folk traditions of the region.

6:00 pm: At Abhimanch MANTHRIKA KANNADI Magical Mirrormanthrika (Malayalam) Writer and Director. K.V. Ganesh Group: Rangachetana, Kerala Duration: 1 hr.

Rangachetana is one of the leading Theatre Groups in Kerala, working mainly in Thrissur. Rangachetana has the working experience of more than 34 years.

6th November:Thursday

3:30 pm: At Bahumukh MAHABHOJ (Bengali) Dir. Parthapratim Deb Group: ALAAP, W.B. Duration: 30 min.

Based on The short stories of Rabindranath Tagore

mahabhoj A short Tagorean collage, Alaap’s Mahabhoj, takes bits and pieces from his farcical skits, but by drawing mainly on Bini Paysar Bhoj, manages to retain a strong core. Also, by featuring a solo performance, it provides one actor plenty of scope in multiple roles, and young Sagardweep Deb does not disappoint.

5:00 pm: At Abhimanch THATHAMARAM (The Parrot Tree) (Malayalam) Written and Directed by Chandradasan Group: Lokadharmi / Mazhavillu, Kochi Kerala Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.

thathamaram The play is all about the ever increasing distance between man and nature. It is developed from a folk tale which throws light on contemporary reality. The story is about a parrot tree which is mysterious in many ways; it speaks in unknown languages, whispers and cries. The play connects the experiences of the present day as well as of the past with the myths, hearsay, folklore, tradition, legends, cultures and the flora and fauna of Kerala. It reinforces the rhythmic continuity of human life with trees, birds, and other living and non-living entities. The story creates a world which flows between real, surreal and mythical; all fused together to form a plasma of magical, dream like fantasy. The story is narrated direct and simple in a transparent, poetic and candid style to create a cosmos of exuberance, earthiness, and fantasy, where various elements co-exist, mutually complementing and completing.

6:30 pm: At NSD Open Lawn NAMASKAR JI NAMASKAR (Hindi) Director: Binod Rai Group: Killkari Bihar Bal Bhawan, Patna Duration: 50 min.

7 Nov. 2014 Friday

6:00 pm: At Abhimanch GOSHTA SIMPLE PILLACHI (Marathi) Dir. Radhika Ingle Group: Maharashtra Culture Center, Maharashtra Duration: 1hr. 45 min.

8 Nov. 2014 Saturday:

3:30 pm:At Bhumukh KYA HUA HAAL, JAB CHALE NAINITAL (Hindi) Dir. Neeraj Gahlot Group: Purvabhyas Cultural & Education Society, Delhi Duration: 40 min.

Purvabhyas is a national organization that comprises of experts who have been working in the area of ‘creative arts in education’ for more than 15 years. They have the experience of working with the children of all ages and social backgrounds across the country. They have also worked with the children of different nationalities and have collaborated with many international theatre organizations.

5:00 pm: At Abhimanch KANU (Bengali) Dir. Swatilekha Sengupta Group: Nandikar, W.B. Duration: 90 min.

kanu Nandikar’s new play Kanu is inspired by a Vietnamese short story A Manly Boy” (Kiem) by Ma Van Khang. However, Swatilekha Sengupta places this in our soil and imaginatively evolves an original play. Kanu, a boy of 12 or 13 summers, has a hen-pecked father, a tyrannous step-mother; Kanu’s mother has been turned out who presently is married to a truck driver, leading the life of a maid, wife, nurse, all combined in one, an existence of unending drudgery. Kanu loafs about often battered, oftener half-fed. A neighbouring family, however, takes care of Kanu as far as possible.

The tale of Kanu is simple and couched in the time-old mould of “a boy’s journey through poverty and penury”, tyranny and trauma and of course, with the silver lining of ‘goodness’, ultimately prevailing.

6:30 pm: At Abhimanch BHARARI (Non-Verbal) Dir. Bharat More & Anvay Ashtivkar Group: Natyashala Charity Trust, Maharashtrabharari

Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.

A mime play by hearing impaired students

9 Nov. 2014 Sunday

3:30 pm : At Bhumukh BHO-KATTA (Bengali) Dir. Tathagata Chaudhuri & Anirban Bhattacharya, Group: Sarabhuj, W.B. Duration: 30 min.

A socio cultural institution from Rangamati, Midnapore (West Bengal), has been playing an intrinsic part of the movement for the revival, propagation and appreciation of traditional Folk Culture since, 1986, under the able guidance of Sri Tamn Pradhan. The organisation is able to function meaningfully by adhering to the values and ideas of Indian Art aesthetics and deriving its strength and inspiration from the warmth and fragrance of the earth. Sarabhuj has preserved to uphold the true essence of Indian Culture - Dance, Theatre and Mime.

5:00 pm: At Abhimanch THE BOY WHO STOPPED SMILING (English) Dir. Jaimini Pathak Group: Working Title, Mumbai, Maharashtra Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.

Written by: Ramu Ramanathan

boy stoped smiling Malhar, a little boy is a chess prodigy, but he never smiles. Malhar wants to beat the chess champion, Vishwanathan Anand. Will that make him smile again? This is a play that has songs, dances and lot of fun

6:30 pm: At NSD Open Lawn APUNBNA PANGALNI (Manipuri) Dir. N. Jadumani Singh Group: Blooming Cultural Academy of Performing Arts, Manipur Duration: 1 hr.

This group undertake research in the field of various performing art forms to arrange for performance and spread of knowledge of cultural heritage, dance, drama, music modern and folk songs, street theatre and puppetry including children theatre, etc.

10 Nov. 2014 Monday

6:00 pm : At Abimanch Garjana Gadhmandle Ki (Hindi) Dir. Rajkumar Raikwar Group: Rang Prayog, Sagar, M.P. Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.

11 Nov. 2014 Tuesday

6:00 pm : At Abhimanch KHEL-NA (Hindi) Dir. Manik Roy Group: Guwahati Sishu Natya Vidyalaya, Assam Duration: 1 hr.

Shri Manik Roy started working in drama and working with children became his passion. He established Guwahati Sishu Natya Vidyalaya in the year of 1998 with a view to promote children theatre in Assam. In this Vidyalaya he started giving training to very young children on acting, creative writing etc. He has already written, produced and directed more than 12 children play with these children. Presently he is doing different workshops as well as doing classroom theatre with adult actors in different schools in and around Guwahati.

7:15 pm: At NSD Open Lawn OBBANOBBA RAJANIDDA (Kannada) Dir. K.G. Krishnamurthy Group: Kinnara Mela Tumari, Mysore, Karnataka Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.

Based on William Shakespeare's King Lear Written by: Vaidehi


12 Nov. 2014 Wednesday

3:30 pm: At Bahumukh LAAKH KI NAAK Director: Shashikant Sharma Group: Mayur Rangmanch, U.P. Duration: 55 min.

Writer; the late Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena

The play "Lakh Ki Naak" has a very large cast of courtiers, corrupt officials hand in glove with dishonest traders and manufacturers of swords. The main characters in the play are a corrupt minister who compromises the safety of the country by buying badly made swords from those who bribe him, and then of course there is an honest blacksmith and his wife who are never able to sell their swords to the corrupt minister. All is well that ends well, the corrupt minister and his stooges are exposed and the honest blacksmith who makes good swords is at last able to sell his swords.

6:00 pm: At Abhimanch GEETE GAATHE MILAN MELA (Assamese & Hindi mixed) Dir. Bhagirathi Group: Seagull, Assam Duration: 1 hr.

Seagull Children's Theatre is Northeast's first theatre academy for children which is the brainchild of Baharul Islam, one of Assam's reputed theatre directors, and his national award-winning actor wife Bhagirathi, Academy was launched in Guwahati in 2005. The academy, is conducting workshops, produce plays with kids in the age group between six and 12. Bhagirathi, who heads the academy, says the idea of setting up one germinated during a short summer workshop. 'The workshop was an experimental project that paved the way for a new beginning in the world of Assamese theatre. We discovered some young talents and thought of a full-fledged academy.'

13 Nov. 2014 Thursday

5:00 pm: At Bahumukh PARUAR PROCESSIONOT URAHOR UUH (Assamese) Dir. Dinesh Kakoti Group: Abastav Gosthi, Assam Duration: 1 hr.

The play is written by Anjan Bhuyan.

Before embarking on his journey to the famed National School of Drama (NSD) in 1979, eminent actor–director Baharul Islam formed the drama group ’Abastav’, But now the group has become active once again under the leadership of his student and drama activist Dinesh Kakati in Jajori, Morigaon. Besides staging plays, ’Abastav’ is playing an active role in organizing drama workshops and acting classes in this remote area.

6:00 pm: At Abhimanch AAMIO SUPERMAN (Bengali) Dir. Jayati Bose Group: Sutrapat, W.B. Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.

aamio superman Sutrapat’s Amio Superman, a Grips play (a play for children by adults) directed by Jayati Bose, is an Indianised version of Roy Kift’s Stronger than Superman. It tells the story of a boy on a wheelchair and his sister and their world of fun, pain, mischief, dreams and innocence as juxtaposed with the sometimes-insensitive adult world.

14 Nov. 2014 Thursday

5:00 pm: At Bahumukh SWAMI VIVEKANAND (Puppet Play) (Hindi) Dir. Laique Hussain Group: Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, Udaipur, Rajasthan Duration: 1 hr. 13 min.

’Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal’ from Udaipur in Rajasthan, presents avivekananda 1 puppet show based the life story and messages given by Swami Vivekananda. The troupe uses powerful narrative technique to deliver the conservation between a grandfather and his grandson, focuses the life and message of Swami Vivekananda. In the show, Grandfather explains the lessons of courage, integrity and conviction of Vivekananda to his grandson Naren through various episodes of Vivekananda’s childhood as Narendra or his youthful days or his address at the Chicago world parliament of religions giving a message of moral to the young minds.

6:00 pm: At Abhimanch HUM EK HAIN (Hindi) Dir. Dr. Danish Iqbal Group: Sada Arts Society, U.P. Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.

Written by Shrirang Godbole.

The plot of the play revolves around children and their rights. The play demonstrates how children can think independently of adults and in situations of stress actually show them the way. So it is adults that learn from the children. The play will address issues of unity along with religious diversity and protection of the rights of children. The play is set in the backdrop of riots in the city. The adults panic but children lead with their assertion of rights and teach the adults to deal with the situation rather than squabbling amongst themselves on issues that are not important.

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